SAFE WASH – If you want to quickly ruin your vehicle’s paint finish, just keep using those cheap car wash soaps sold in most discount stores. In contrast, we carefully formulated PPC's SAFE WASH using superior ingredients blended in perfect ratio to provide gentle yet thorough cleansing – without destruction of paint integrity or loss of freshly applied polish! Meticulous vehicle care begins with proper cleaning, and PPC’s SAFE WASH is your only choice when considering fine surface preservation!

Advanced "No Spot" Concentrate!

Safely Lifts Away Dirt and Grime!

  • Effective soft sudsing formula.
  • Superior wetting, no spotting.
  • Free rinsing, non-streaking.

Gently Washes All Finishes!

  • Highly endorsed in the street rod industry.
  • Will not remove polish or wax.
  • Perfect for show vehicles.

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