FORMULA 2 CLEANER/PROTECTANT – No more oily, greasy film! No more tire rot! No more vinyl decay! No more damage! Our FORMULA 2 is completely different – unique – it thoroughly cleans, then totally protects all rubber, vinyl, even leather surfaces! PPC’s specially-developed water-based polymer formula cannot attract dirt and dust. FORMULA 2 keeps everything looking “new”! When you use this product, you will see what “quality” means. One of our top sellers since 1982!

Cleans, Conditions, Protects!
  • Guards against UV damage.
  • Restores vinyl to original beauty.
  • Keeps tires looking "NEW"!
  • Dries non-greasy - leaves no "oily" film.
  • Long term protection prevents weathering & rot.

Preferred Exclusively by NASCAR Enthusiasts!

  • Highly endorsed in the street rod industry.
  • Does not attract dust - surfaces stay cleaner, longer.
  • Maintains school bus interiors.
  • Widely used in the plastics manufacturing industry.


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