EASY ALUMINUM POLISH – Imagine a metal polish so brilliant that billet aluminum looks like chrome! How about achieving these results in seconds with no effort! And what if this “mirror” shine you’ve just created lasted for an unbelievably long time before needing touch-up? This is PPC’s EASY POLISH! Months of tedious research and formulation led to the development of this incredible product – easiest to use, shiniest by far, longest-lasting protection in the industry. Find out why EASY is the metal polish most endorsed by both wheel manufacturers and auto enthusiasts!
Product Video

Dazzling Shine in Seconds!

  • Polishes without scratching.
  • Removes hazing, discoloration and water spots.
  • Restores depth, gloss, clarity.
  • Protects with acrylic polymer barrier.
  • Works on all metals, even jewelry.

Rated Best For Billet Aluminum!

  • Used and recommended by avid street rodders nationwide.
  • Endorsed and used by thousands of truckers.
  • Preferred by motorcycle enthusiasts.



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